O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc., in collaboration with several canine scent and olfaction researchers, have created titles for the myriad of scent tasks a service dog may be trained to perform. These titles should be looked at as minimal standards for dogs working in these capacities. We hope that by providing these evaluations individuals with disabilities will be able to ensure their dogs are working safely and to the high standard expected of a finished service dog. 

Scent Based Titles


Scent-Based Medical Alert Title
Public Overview

The dog must be able to demonstrate the ability to discriminate the target odor in a variety of scenarios. Examples of target odors for this title are high or low blood sugar, seizure, asthma, migraine, etc..

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Gluten/Allergen Title Elements
Public Overview

The dog must be able to demonstrate the ability to discriminate a target odor(s) in a variety of scenarios and environments that a handler may encounter in everyday life.

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Obedience Titles


Home Obedience and Manners Title
Public Overview

This title is designed especially for dogs just starting out with their training. The entire test can be done in or near your home. It covers basic skills for good companions and the basic building blocks for a potential service dog.

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Pre Evaluation for Training in Public
Public Overview

This test is to evaluate if a dog is ready to continue it's training in public areas. Building on the skills covered in the OHOM title these exercises take place in pet friendly outdoor areas, adding difficultly with duration and distractions.

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Public Access Title
Public Overview

This Public Access Title can be seen as final assessment of a dog ready to be working as a service dog. It will test the dog and handler in a variety of ways, in real life scenarios service dog teams face on a daily basis.

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The public overview's above briefly describe the exercises in each title designed to test a dog's appropriate behavior in each location. Detailed exercise descriptions are available to Handler members and scoring criteria/material is available to Professional members. 

To request an evaluation for any of our titles visit our Membership page. Once you have created your membership, you can submit an evaluation request. Please use the list below to select an evaluator, since you will be asked to fill out your selected evaluator on the evaluation request form. The evaluator used can not be your current trainer or the dogs breeder to ensure an unbiased review of the teams' abilities. 


Evaluator List


Individuals not within driving distance of an O.D.O.R. Scent Evaluator may submit video for evaluation following the Video Submission Guidelines. Please note all testing is to be filmed regardless of the physical presence of the Evaluator, in case there is any question as to the result of an evaluation the O.D.O.R Service Dogs Inc. Board will view the filmed test and review the results. 

Do you want to become an Evaluator? Click here for more information

**These titles are not to be confused with a service dog registry or certification. They are also not a guarantee of long term good behavior, they assess a dog and handler team at one moment in time. **

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