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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Why become a member?

A: Exclusive access to member benefits like discounts, scent preparation documents and the chance to become an Evaluator. As a nonprofit, our ultimate goal is to create Standardization for Scent Detection in Service Dogs.  We have created detailed Titles for different Service Dog tasks with a special focus on scent detection. All membership fees go towards supporting this mission. 

If you join as a Handler or Professional Member you are doing more then just accessing the ability to earn titles you are making a statement about the quality you expect of service dogs and their handlers. You are supporting our mission to educate the public and our goal of ensuring everyone who needs a service dog gets a service dog. That the dog their receive or train is working to the high standard that will allow them to be a successful and safe team. 


Q: Why do we need these Titles?

A: In America today, there is no required testing or registration for Service Dogs. We support the right to owner train service dogs and the intent of the protections provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Unfortunately, many dogs working in public fail to meet the standards expected of a Service Dog. Our goal is to provide those standards as titles, outlined in detail for handlers and trainers to work towards when training their Service Dog. Once those service dogs and service dogs in training are ready to be evaluated, they can be evaluated by an unbiased O.D.O.R. Obedience and/or Scent Detection Evaluator. These Evaluations will give confidence to both the handlers of the dogs and their trainers by proving that at the time of evaluation, the dog was able to perform the tasks outlined in our Titles.


We want everyone who needs a Scent Detection Service Dog to have access to one, but with demand often comes a decrease in quality. Our titles aim to make sure everyone has a dog that is working to the standard required to help mitigate its handlers disability.


Q: What titles do we offer?

A: Currently we have Titles for Obedience, Public Access, Gluten/Allergen Detection, and Medical Detection, and we are working on additional titles for other service dog tasks to be added in the future. Have a title in mind? Send us a message we would love to hear your thoughts.  

Q: Can I submit a video for evaluation?

A: Yes! All titles can be earned virtually with a video submission. Each title has their own Guidebook which outlines in detail the timing and filming requirements for each title. All our Evaluators are able to evaluate video submissions. We believe everyone should have the ability to have their dog assessed the best way to do that is to allow video submissions. A large part of our mission is to ensure dogs are working to the high standards expected of a service dog, especially those doing scent detection service dog tasks. By allowing video submissions we are able to ensure dog and handler teams all over the world can have this peace of mind. 

Q: What does it cost to earn a title? 

A: There are two costs involved in earning a title.

  • The first is from ODOR Service Dogs Inc. we charge a processing fee of $15.00 U.S. dollars for members and $30.00 U.S. dollars for non members. ODOR is a Non Profit organization all money collected goes towards our operating costs and supports our mission. 

  • The second is the evaluation fee charged by the Evaluator. When choosing an Evaluator we advise you to ask what they charge for the evaluation. That fee is set by the evaluator and will be billed directly from the evaluator to you. 


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