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Our Team Members

Board of Directors

Dawn Scheu


Dawn is a founding member of O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc. and was the first trainer in the United States of America to train a gluten detection dog. She specializes in Gluten, Allergy and Medical Detection as well as general service dog task training.


Hanna Bareihs

Board Member

Hanna is a Professional Dog Trainer who is passionate about all types of training and canine behavior and body language. Hanna is the owner of Smart S.E.N.S.E.S. Dog Training LLC. which specializes in gluten and allergen detection training, medical alert training, service dog task training, obedience, and public access training.


Melissa Cushman

Vice President, Treasurer

Melissa is a Professional Dog Trainer who is passionate about service dog standards especially in the field of Scent Detection. Her primary focus is Gluten, Allergy and Medical Scent Detection.


Katie Jones

Board Member

Katie is a professional service dog trainer who is dedicated to helping those with disabilities live more independent lives.


Cam Weiner


Cam is a celiac advocate and co-host of the Celiac Project Podcast.



O.D.O.R Service Dogs Inc. is successful due to the tremendous amount of time volunteered by our Board of Directors as well as the individuals that make up our committees 

Social Media Committee

Director: Cam Weiner 

Members: Emily King, Katie Jones, Emma Schuett  and Hanna Bareihs

Website Committee

Director: Melissa Cushman

Members: Christina de Juan PhD, 

Katie Jones

Blog Committee

Director: Dawn Scheu 

Members: Lynne Murray, Emma Schuett, Hanna Bareihs

Ethics Committee

Directors: Dawn Scheu, Melissa Cushman and Cam Weiner 

Standards, Research and Advisory Committee

Directors: Dawn Scheu and Melissa Cushman

Members: Christina de Juan PhD,

Marie-Elaine Desmarais PhD