O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc., in collaboration with several canine scent and olfaction researchers, have created standards for the myriad of scent tasks a service dog may be trained to perform. More standards may be added in the future, and existing standards may be modified as we learn more about canine olfaction and refining testing methods to reduce or eliminate handler bias. O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc. has also published a Public Access Test as a minimum standard expected of a service dog's behavior in public. 


To request an evaluation visit our Membership page and select the appropriate membership level for your needs. Once you have created your membership you can submit an evaluation request. Please use the list below to select and evaluator as you will be asked to fill out your selected evaluator on the evaluation request form. The evaluator used can not be your current trainer or the dogs breeder to ensure an unbiased review of the teams abilities. Individuals not within driving distance of an O.D.O.R. Scent Evaluator may submit video for evaluation following the Video Submission Guidelines. Please note all testing is to be filmed regardless of the physical presence of the Evaluator, in case there is any question as to the result of an evaluation the O.D.O.R Service Dogs Inc. Board will view the filmed test and review the results. 

The O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc. Board has worked hard to create an online course, skill and educational requirements that allowes our Professional Members the opportunity to be evaluated to become an O.D.O.R. PAT Evaluator and/or an O.D.O.R. Scent Evaluator for these test standards. For a brief overview of the requirements to become an Evaluator click here

Standards are updated routinely please make sure you are using an update version. 

O.D.O.R. Public Access Test

As an organization dedicated to providing minimum standards for scent-detection based service dog tasks, we believe the service dog community should also have free access to our minimum standards for a service dog's behavior in public. The O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Public Access Test Overview describes exercises designed to test a dog's appropriate behavior in public. Scoring criteria is available to Professional members.

O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Public Access Test Overview

O.D.O.R. Gluten and Allergen Detection Test Standards

The gluten/allergen detection service dog must be able to demonstrate the ability to discriminate a target odor(s) in a variety of scenarios and environments a handler may encounter as a team. As such, there are four elements that make up the O.D.O.R. Gluten/Allergen Standards Test.


O.D.O.R. Gluten/Allergen Test Elements Overview.

O.D.O.R. Scent-Based Medical Alert Test Standard


The medical alert service dog must be able to demonstrate the ability to discriminate the target odor in a variety of scenarios. The O.D.O.R. Scent Based Medical Alert Test is designed to evaluate dog- handler teams where the dog is trained to alert to and/or perform a task to mitigate a handler’s disability. Some examples include:

  • Blood Sugar High       

  • Blood Sugar Low     

  • Migraine     

  • Seizure      

  • Stress Event  

  • Asthma    

  • Other

O.D.O.R. Scent-Based Medical Alert Standard Test Overview 

O.D.O.R. Finding A Person Test Standards

Coming Soon!

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