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As a nonprofit, our ultimate goal is to create Standardization for Scent Detection in Service Dogs.  We have created detailed Titles for different Service Dog tasks with a special focus on scent detection. All membership fees go towards supporting this mission. 


Why do we need these Titles?


In America today, there is no required testing or registration for Service Dogs. We support the right to owner train service dogs and the intent of the protections provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Unfortunately, many dogs working in public fail to meet the standards expected of a Service Dog. Our goal is to provide those standards as titles, outlined in detail for handlers and trainers to work towards when training their Service Dog. Once those service dogs and service dogs in training are ready to be evaluated, they can be evaluated by an unbiased O.D.O.R. Pubic Access and/or Scent Detection Evaluator. These Evaluations will give confidence to both the handlers of the dogs and their trainers by proving that at the time of evaluation, the dog was able to perform the tasks outlined in our Titles.


We want everyone who needs a Scent Detection Service Dog to have access to one, but with demand often comes a decrease in quality. Our titles aim to make sure everyone has a dog that is working to the standard required to help mitigate its handlers disability.


Currently we have Titles for Public Access, Gluten/Allergen Detection, and Medical Detection, and we are working on additional titles for other tasks to be added in the future.  


Our membership plans are broken up into three plans: Guest, Handler, and Professional. 

Professional Level Membership is for Professional Dog Trainers and Owner Trainers. The benefits include:

  • Access to Guideline documents for each title that detail our each exercise and scoring criteria 

  • Access to exclusive Scent/Odor preparation documents

  • Exclusive member only discounts

  • Support network via a Professional Member only Facebook group

  • Ability to create and manage your service dog evaluations

  • Access to the Professional Members Only area of the website

  • Exclusive ability to become an O.D.O.R. Public Access and or Scent Evaluator 

  • Permission to display O.D.O.R. logo 

  • Reduced processing fees for evaluations

Handler Level Membership is for handlers working with a Professional Dog Trainer. The benefits include:

  • Exclusive member only discounts

  • Reduced processing fees for evaluations

  • Support network via a Members Only Facebook group

  • Access to the Members Only area of the website

Guest Level Membership allows individuals to create an evaluation request without any benefits of membership. 

Guidelines and Requirements for Annual Memberships


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Annual membership fees are not refundable. 

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