Dawn Scheu


Dawn Scheu is a Professional Service Dog Trainer and is Canine Communication Certified who always had an interest in relationships with dogs and how that partnership could benefit both halves of the team. Her first dog training began with her grandfather who had once been a commercial fisherman on the great lakes of Michigan. The fishermen would use a dog to help them in pulling ropes from boat to boat, retrieving fish that had floated free of nets or hooks and for helping in pulling in nets from the water. By the time Dawn was born her grandfather had long retired from the boats and was teaching circus tricks to his standard poodle Nicki. Dawn was always amazed by the partnership they shared and knew she wanted to experience that someday.

After becoming an EMT Dawn decided it was time to live her dream and joining a K-9 SAR team to begin training her first working dog in 2000. During her time in SAR after training her dog Sadie in urban live scent, she mentored several other teams. Retirement came early due to an injury after Sadie fell off a rubble pile that collapsed during a training exercise. After that Sadie became bored and depressed. To lift her mood Dawn moved her into therapy dog work visiting residents in local nursing homes which they continued until Sadie passed in 2012.

Dawn did not start training service dogs until her own illness with refractory celiac. When she got her dog Willow in 2013 to detect gluten in her food. She worked with several other trainer’s and began refreshing her dog training education in the most modern scientifically proven techniques, reading and learning about everything she could about service dog standards to work reliably in the public

The trainers Dawn was consulting with all said Willow would not be able to work in gluten filled environments until Dawn came up with the idea to apply a controlled search. Dawn was the first trainer to apply this technique in service dog work. Dawn wrote the original set of gluten detection standards that have been adopted and are used used by trainers today all of the world.

Dawn holds several professional memberships with Association for Professional Dog Trainers,, Pet Professional Guild, Association for Animal Behavior Professionals and Animal Behavior Management Alliance .She is President O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc., an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring scent detection service dogs are trained to the highest standards and demonstrated reliability. She is also a APDT CLASS Instructor and Evaluator and a O.D.O.R. PAT and Scent Evaluator.